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Child care dentistry (pediatric dentistry)

We are very proud enough to tell you that our team ident is headed by a pedodontist (child care dentist). Thus we team I dent assure you that we will satisfy all required dental needs of your children not only as doctors; but also like their parents. We have a highly specialized pediatric team who can tackle your kid for each and every dental need. We also offer sleep dentistry for your kids where we can treat highly uncooperative & specially challenged kids.

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Preventive dentistry

The better way to solve a problem is to prevent it. In this way we proudly say that we are conservatives with preventive measures. We focus on lots of means to prevent your dental problem at first, rather than treating it. We are keen on educating the patients about oral hygiene maintenance (with 3D models), effect of adverse oral habits(eg; tobacco usage) & how to get rid of these.

Also our team ident have been an upper hand in community service activities equally to the private practice. We as a team have conducted & participated in public service activities like free dental campaigns & school oral health checkups with free sample distribution from the team ident.

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Removal of teeth & surgical procedures (oral & maxillofacial surgery)

Is wisdom teeth taking of your wisdom??

Not to worry. We have team of oral surgeons who could deal with the impactions (wisdom teeth removal). Any surgical procedures for that matter can be done with ease & minimal pain.

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Crowns & bridges

Broken teeth?? missing teeth?? chipped?? one?? or more??
We replace your missing teeth with crowns & bridges which are more attractive and naturally looking, perfectly matching replacements which are fixed to your adjacent teeth. We provide universal warrantee for all your crowns & bridges by issuing warrantee cards for it. We restore your teeth & smile with a natural look.

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Root Canal Treatment (Saving Your Dead Teeth)

Can dead teeth in oral cavity be saved ??
Yes!!! Hundred percent. Teeth is dead decay goes to the level of the pulp which gives the life to the teeth. This procedure removes the decay & the dead pulp from the teeth and it is replaced with a material which is very much similar to the pulp. Thus, we could save the teeth removing all the infections. Our specialists do the procedure with the up-to-date advancements in instruments and materials. We provide this procedure in a single sitting.

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Implant Dentistry (Screw Retained Dentistry)

This part of science deals with the permanent solution for your missing teeth. Implant resembles much in look & feel of your natural teeth. The screw part resembles the root of your teeth & the crown part resembles the natural crown of your teeth. We will not remove or alter your adjacent teeth, since you don’t need any support from it. Implants provide you natural, esthetic look, functionally fulfill your needs , stimulates bone & prevents further loss. & improves oral hygiene, easy to maintain, restores your facial form & look & last but not the least perfect & confident smile.

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Restorative dentistry

It is a routine part of dentistry where we remove the decayed part of the teeth fill it with a tooth colored material. We restore your badly broken teeth also with tooth colored material.

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Painless(laser) dentistry

Now it’s a painless era of dentistry. Yes its laser dentistry. At ident we offer you the following treatments under laser.

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Teeth straightening (orthodontia)

We are also specialized in correction of your improperly aligned teeth. Now why not you say yes when it comes less traumatic. We offer you invisible brackets & lingual brackets where it's tough for even a tarsier to identify it. Not only for your treatment but also for your retention period we offer you this guarantee. This treatment will not only align your teeth but also changes your facial outlook in an elegant manner.

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Gum related problems(periodontics)

A flower cannot blossom without a sunshine;
A king cannot sustain without a queen - John Munsell
Gums are the queens of oral cavity and teeth are the kings. How much ever strong the kengs (teeth) may be but without queens (gums) they cannot sustain. Due to lack of awareness we relate all the problems of oral cavity with the teeth and leave the gum unnoticed. This will finally lead to tooth loss. To prevent this we have a overwhelming team of gum specialist (periodontist) to treat all your gum issues and keep your teeth intact. This includes simple teeth cleaning (scaling) , through gum lightening, crown lenthening, periodontal esthetic surgeries , etc; in conjunction with other specialties for ideal esthetic & functional results.
We maintain your oral cavity like a kingdom.

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Smile makeups

Facial makeups can make you more attractive and beautiful; but we strongly believe that only smile can make you look more appealing & confident. We are there to provide you such a smile through smileups. Here we offer teeth whitening, veneers, LC, etc; to camouflage your badly broken teeth/ gapped teeth with a short procedure.

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Sleep dentistry

Are you so anxious of your dental treatment though knowing it much painless?? Then we have a solution. In ident we offer sleep dentistry where under conscious sedation all your dental needs can be satisfied in hours of time with great relaxation, comfort & stress free manner.

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Oral cancer screening

Prevention is better than cure

Oral cancer is a growing epidemic problem of India. We have our specialized team of oral medicine & oral pathologists who can rule out the upcoming oral cancer & vanish it totally before it could occupy.

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