Experience Excellence in Root Canal Treatment at iDent, Mogappair

Root canal treatment is a perfect alternative for tooth extraction. It is usually done in cases of deep cavity, pain, underlying lesions and in fractured tooth conditions. It eliminates the bacteria from the infected root canal, prevents reinfection and saves the natural teeth. The procedure is done under local anesthesia by numbing the infected teeth alone. We team Ident are expertized in completing root canal treatment in single visit. Meanwhile, in cases of severely infected teeth it will be treated in multiple appointments.
The infected tooth is made functional in just 3 visits

  • Root canal treatment
  • Crown preparation and impressions
  • crown cementation

Teeth Whitening

It is a cosmetic procedure which can brighten
and whiten your teeth to remove stains or discoloration.

Tooth Cleaning / Scaling

It’s a non surgical way to treat gum disease.

Ways to know you have gum problems:
*It’s painful to chew
*You have swollen gums
*You always have bad breath
*Your gums bleed when you brush your teeth

Tooth replacement

A bridge is a dental restoration which replaces missing teeth with the artificial teeth. The artificial teeth are connected to the adjacent healthy teeth.
Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Composite fillings

Instead of traditional metal fillings we offer aesthetic composite fillings for our patients.
Composite fillings are tooth coloured material that is an effective and aesthetically pleasing filling for the patient’s.

Dental anaesthesia

Relieves discomfort in certain areas of your mouth. Anaesthesia is a reliable method of assisting you to feel calm, comfortable and feel minimal pain during and after treatment.